Just in case you think marketing your own work is a waste of time in this era of steal/stream/give away the music, read on...
The promotional work I did with my Christmas song, I Can Give You Love, this past holiday season payed off in many ways - the latest being another publishing deal with US sub publisher for film and television. I worked this song 14-20 hrs a day, 6 days a week, from October 15 until Christmas Eve. Giving away hundreds of free MP3's to radio dj's, podcasters, bloggers, print media... all the while promoting it on 17 sites to fans, new and old, in the hopes that they'd assist in moving it around the world. It spun from The USA to Kenya. Canada and Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands... it just kept moving.
On March 15th the next single, All Mine, comes out and It will be just that much easier to get it into the hands of the writers, spinners, promoters and publishers necessary to see it make its mark too.
Keep up the work, fine friends. The long tail sees your body of work realised as an undeniable asset! Yay!!!
Carolyna Lovely: carolyna@carolyna.com
Next Release from Carolyna Lovely: All Mine * Recorded at Studio Litho, Seattle
Carolyna is joined on 'All Mine' by some fabulous Seattle musician-rock-stars. The live Americana/Alt-Country feel played by this wonderful group of players is captured live-off-the-floor and ready for your station to spin and to sit sweetly inside your truck commercial!
Do message us for a listen if you are a DJ, Publisher, or a company who uses original music for your marketing campaigns. Cheers,